We process and package a variety of fish species in our HACCP approved facility in Downtown Los Angeles. You can shop our products online and at the following locations:
Silverlake Fish Market (Tuesday 4 to 8 pm & Saturday : 8-1 pm)
Topanga Cny Fish Market       (Friday: 9-1 pm)
Calabasas Fish Market    (Sunday : 8-1 pm)
Santa Clarita  Fish Market    (Saturday : 8-1 pm)
Antelope Valley AV Winery Fish Market  (Saturday : 8-1 pm)
Bakesfield Fish Market       (Saturday : 8-1 pm and Sunday 9-2 pm)
Lancaster Fish arket     (Saturday: 8-1 pm)
Marvista Fish Market       (Sunday: 8-2 pm)   
LaCanada Flintridge Fish Market      (Saturday: 9-2 pm)
Atwater Village Fish Market   (Sunday: 8-1 pm)
Montrose Harvest Fish Market ( Sunday 8-1 pm)
Claremont  Fish Market    (Sunday: 8-1 pm)
Riverside Fish Market (Saturday: 8-1 pm)
Melrose Place farmers market (Sunday: 8-1 pm) 
Laguna Niguel farmers market    (Sunday: 8-12 pm)